It smells so good in here!

Whether you’re cooking or baking, hearing those words from someone entering your kitchen is so gratifying!

The smell of deliciously prepared food and freshly baked bread is an invitation in itself. The aroma that fills the kitchen is an irresistibly call for people to taste what you’re making.

When I was a kid, returning home from school and smelling the freshly baked rolls before reaching the kitchen, was an unmistakable invitation to my sister and I to come to the kitchen. We would enjoy some bonding time with our mom while eating rolls with butter that quickly melted because the rolls had just come out of the oven. This lasting memory invokes so much more than a smell and a taste of warm rolls. It recalls treasured family time and what we Danes call “hygge”.

When I make cinnamon rolls at my house, or snegle as they are called in Danish, I don’t need to call anyone to the table. Quite the opposite, I’m asked several times when they will be ready to eat because the smell of cinnamon is simply mouth watering!

Of course there are times when I don’t have the time to bake something fresh. Like when my son comes home from school really, really hungry, or on a weekend morning when we’re off to an early soccer game, or if friends happen to pop by. This is when having a good stockpile in the freezer comes in handy. Baking or warming some fresh frozen bread in the oven, directly from the freezer, still gives us that wonderful smell, and it does so in record time.

Do you want to stock your freezer with a few things that your family will appreciate for a quick breakfast/lunch or for an easy treat? If you’re in Essex County, NJ, or the surrounding area, send me an email and I’ll let you know how I can help. Just click here.


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