Really? There is an expression for that?

When I first came to the United States many years ago, I stayed with a wonderful family in Morristown, NJ, who to this day are dear friends of mine.

Back then I experienced a bit of a culture shock. Coming from Denmark, there were so many things that were different here. A trip to the supermarket alone would provide plenty of examples. Never had I seen so many different kinds of cereal or such big milk containers! And why did most people go food shopping once a week? At home we would go almost every day.

After a few months, I tried my way in the kitchen. My Danish baked potatoes were not a hit (I can’t blame them since they came out almost raw) but when I started baking, I got requests to do it again. This of course made me very happy, until one day I overheard someone comment “she makes it all from scratch.” Yikes! That surely couldn’t be a good thing.

Well I did ask what the expression making something from scratch means and got a surprising answer, at least it was surprising to me. The fact that I did not bake from a box but instead baked by combining all the ingredients myself was natural to me. In fact, I don’t think I had ever seen anyone bake anything from a box.

Back then my baking repertoire was more limited, but I loved it, and so my passion for Danish baking in America was born!  It took a very long time for this passion to evolve into something bigger, something I could share more widely. Something that would earn me the title of “entrepreneur”. But here I am – The Danish Baking Girl!


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