One Year Anniversary 

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been a year since I started my business. The Danish Baking Girl just turned 1!

The year flew by. I forged ahead, learned a lot and sometimes surprised myself. There are days that I have to pinch myself. Is this really happening? For many years, I was urged to open a business by people with whom I shared my baking and by my husband, who encouraged me to start my business.

Honestly, I never thought I would take that leap! I feel very blessed for the many, many wonderful people who have supported me, encouraged me and shared their wisdom with me. It has meant the world to me. I have always enjoyed baking but baking means so much more than just baked goods to me.

I fondly remember the days my sister and I came home from school and were greeted by the warm smell of rolls that our mom had just baked for us all to enjoy together while talking about our day. I can still smell them!

It is these kinds of memories, experiences and emotions I hope to create for my customers, and I am excited for what’s to come for The Danish Baking Girl.  🇩🇰


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