Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is of course not a holiday celebrated in Denmark, but it is a holiday that I have come to love here in the States because it’s all about spending time with family and friends

I created a menu with something to compliment your Thanksgiving meal. You can click here to place an order. Please submit your Thanksgiving order no later than Monday, November 19. Deliveries will take place Wednesday, November 21.

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Focaccia Bread with Fresh Rosemary, $12 per loaf

When in Denmark, I will visit every bakery I pass. I love to look at the selections of breads and sweets on display. I usually spend a long time just looking before I make my selection. I feel inspired. One kind of bread I am often drawn to is focaccia bread and I love to bake it myself.  The smell of rosemary that fills the kitchen as the bread starts to bake is so gratifying.

When my husband and I cook our Thanksgiving meal for our family and friends, we always use lots of rosemary, and I think focaccia bread is a perfect companion. Served warm, it becomes extra fragrant.

Plum Cake with Dried Cranberries, Orange and Chocolate, $35 per cake, serves 10

Thanksgiving and cranberries go hand in hand, so this Danish Plum Cake (Plumkage in Danish) seems the perfect choice for this celebration. It is a great holiday cake filled with dried cranberries, orange zest and dark chocolate chunks. I chose to add a glaze that is made with freshly squeezed orange juice to enhance the citrus in the cake.

Tray of Mixed Cookies, $28 per Tray of 30 Cookies


Even if you feel like you can’t possibly eat another thing after feasting on turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, you may still be able to find room for a cookie or two. I would say a cookie tray is always welcome!

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