Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is of course not a holiday celebrated in Denmark, but it is a holiday that I have come to love here in the States because it’s all about spending time with family and friends

I created a menu with something to compliment your Thanksgiving meal. You can click here to place an order. Please submit your Thanksgiving order no later than Tuesday, November 19. Deliveries will take place Wednesday, November 27.

To see the non-seasonal menu, click here.

Cinnamon and Apple Wreath, $24

This is the perfect Thanksgiving morning breakfast treat! Warm it in the oven on low heat and the delicious smells of the holidays will spread throughout the house, bringing everyone to the table! The wreath is filled with lots of cinnamon and apples, and drizzled with a sweet boiled apple cider frosting.

Orange Cake, $16 

The recipe for this loaf cake comes from my mom who makes it year round but I am adding it to the menu at Thanksgiving because the freshness of the citrus marries so well with all the other wonderful flavors that mark this special time of year.

In Danish this deliciously moist loaf is called Orange Cake but it probably should be called Citrus Cake because it is covered with a drizzle made of both the zest and the juice of an orange and a lemon.

Tray of Mixed Cookies, $28 per Tray of 30 Cookies


Even if you feel like you can’t possibly eat another thing after feasting on turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, you may still be able to find room for a cookie or two. I would say a cookie tray is always welcome! Choose up to 5 different types of cookies from the Cookie Menu.

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