Sweet Treats

Take a bite, close your eyes and enjoy.

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Fastelavnsboller (seasonal pastries, limited time only)


Fastelavn is a celebration in Denmark, similar to Halloween, but it always falls on a Sunday between February 1st and March 7th. This year it’s March 3rd. It originates with the feasting before Lent but today it is mainly a celebration for children.  I used to look forward to Fastelavn because it was a day filled with costumes, fun and goodies.

Fastelavn is marked with special pastries, an annual treat to look forward to. They are called Fastelavnsboller. The word ‘boller’ is usually translated to rolls but these are not dinner rolls but sweet rolls filled with creme or pastries with jam in the center. The ones I offer on my menu for a limited time are made with vanilla bean and cardamom, creating a heavenly taste and a cozy aroma. One kind is filled with vanilla creme and almond paste. The other is filled with vanilla creme and chocolate. These are treats you have to try!

Kanel Snegle (Cinnamon Rolls)

Cinnamon Roll

The smell of cinnamon and cardamom will fill your house when you warm these in your oven. Growing up, my mom would sometimes bake them straight from the freezer to have with coffee in the afternoon, but we would also have them from the bakery as dessert after breakfast, on special occasions. Now my own family loves it when I make these, and they have become a traditional part of Christmas Day brunch the years we don’t go to Denmark for the holidays.  They are deliciously gooey and just sweet enough with a simple frosting to top it off.

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