My Story

My name is Anne Davis. New Jersey has been my home for many years now, but I grew up in Denmark and my family still lives there.

Baking has always been a part of my life, in one way or another. I have fond memories of my mom’s baking. The house would fill with the most amazing and comforting smells. I liked to help her measure, knead and taste of course! My sister and I often recall the days when we were greeted by the smell of her home baked rolls as we came home from school. The smell itself was wonderful but it wasn’t just that. It was also the fact that we knew we would soon be sitting at the kitchen table, the three of us, enjoying the baked rolls while sharing stories about our day. We still remind her how much we cherished those moments.

But it wasn’t only at home that I would enjoy the smells, look and tastes of delicious baking. If you have ever been to a Danish bakery, you will know what I mean. The smell that meets you is like nothing else and what then meets your eyes is heavenly. It’s a powerful experience for all the senses!

Danish baking focuses on quality and encompasses many traditions, some cultural, some only shared with family. I carry those traditions. They are part of me, even when I tweak them to make them fit into the way I am living my life now, and as I share them with my husband and my son. They give me joy.

My hope is that my baking will give you, not only a wonderful tasting experience, but also a sense of the stories they convey. Everything I bake has a story behind it. Everything I bake is made with love.