Fastelavn – a Danish Tradition this time of year

As a child I used to look forward to Fastelavn because it was a day filled with fun and goodies, similar to Halloween. But unlike Halloween, Fastelavn always falls on a Sunday, between February 1st and March 7th, and always 7 weeks before Easter.

My friends and I, like most children in Denmark, would dress up in costumes, walk door to door in our neighborhood and sing a song when people opened their doors asking for treats or else…..

Fastelavn is traditionally marked with special pastries. They are called Fastelavnsboller. These are sweet rolls filled with jam or vanilla creme, or the current most popular filling: whipped cream!

This year Fastelavn was yesterday, Sunday, February 23. Some stores in Denmark already started selling these delicious sweet rolls in early January and I bet there are some who still offer them this week. They are just that good!



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