Danish Æbleskiver

Æbleskiver are mainly served at Christmas time in Denmark. They are made of a pancake-like batter, baked in a special on the stove.

If you translate the word “æbleskiver” directly into English it would be “apple slices”. But æbleskiver are round and do not contain apple (at least most modern versions don’t). They do, however, offer lots of flavor with cardamom as the main spice and a little bit of beer in the batter.

The recipe has slight variations, but the recipe I use is a family treasure that shall never be changed. Once my mom offered us æbleskiver from different recipe, which we quickly rejected, and it was agreed that we will always stay with the “old” version.

My mom usually serves them with her own homemade blackberry jam and some powdered sugar for dipping. I do the same although I often make a mixed berry jam instead. But that’s all I change. And of course, there is the warm spiced drink called gløgg which we usually serve to accompany the treats. It warms you up and easily fills you with the Christmas spirit.

I love traditions, especially at Christmas!

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