Soda bread, a sign of spring

Making Soda Bread reminds me that spring is around the corner. Spring is definitely something to look forward to with more outdoor time which this year may give us more together time too, as things will have it.

I didn’t grow up with Soda Bread but I love it and it does remind me of the delicious raisin bread my mom sometimes got my sister and I as a treat when we were kids.  

For this bread I use Irish-style whole meal flour which is a whole grain flour. It makes the bread more dense and more filling. I also add caraway seeds, giving it a distinct flavor that goes so well with the sweetness of the raisins.  

Enjoy this bread with brunch or as a snack in-between meals. It also makes for an easy after-school snack. You can freeze it and take up a slice or two when anyone is in the mood.

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