A Uniquely Danish Story

These rolls are associated with a uniquely Danish holiday and tradition that originates back several centuries.

Stor Bededag (translated into English it would be Great Prayer Day or All Prayers Day) falls on the 4th Friday after Easter. The name comes from the fact that it was a consolidation of several minor holy days and it was first introduced in 1686. 

On Stor Bededag nobody was allowed to work. That included bakers and so they would bake these wheat rolls for everyone to buy the day before. On Stor Bededag, people would toast the rolls and eat them, usually just with butter. 

To this day, it is a holiday that is observed as a day off from work and by enjoying these kinds of wheat rolls. Actually many have made it a tradition to have them the evening before Stor Bededag, toasted and with butter.  

The rolls have a lovely taste of cardamom and to me it’s no wonder they have stood the test of time! 

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