Cookies should bring delight and little surprises.

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Hindbærsnitter (Raspberry Treats)

This is a traditional Danish cookie, a delicate shortbread-like treat with a raspberry filling. The shape and decorations can vary. Most of the time I decorate with freeze dried raspberries. Funny enough, I didn’t like raspberries growing up so these cookies were never a favorite. That has definitely changed!

Citron Hjerter med vanilje (Lemon Hearts with vanilla beans)

I love making cookies in the shape of a heart. It expresses the reason why I bake and what I want to give to everyone enjoying my baking. These lemon cookies are perfect for that because they appear so bright and happy to me. The recipe is based on one that a Danish magazine published, a magazine that my mom, sister and I still read and at times pull recipes out of.  The cookies are made with lemon zest and vanilla bean while the frosting is made with lemon juice.

Kokosmakroner med Chokolade (Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate)


I remember my grandmother often serving kokosmakroner, but they were without chocolate. In my mind this cookie has existed since the dawn of time, a bit of an overstatement yes, but it shows that it has withstood the test of time and has hardly changed. One day I was making them and decided to add chocolate chunks. It was very well received by family and friends, so now this is the way I bake them. It always amazes me how such a simple cookie can deliver so much to savor.

Chokoladekager (Chocolate Cookies, flourless


These are adopted and adapted, not Danish in nature. For inspiration, I like to try out different recipes, wherever they originate, and I found this to be such a good and rich tasting chocolate cookie, that I had to include it on my menu. It is full of delicious chocolate flavor, enhanced by a slight hint of coffee. The added bonus is that it contains no flour and is low in fat!

Svenske Chokoladebrød (Swedish Chocolate Bread)

Swedish Chocolate Bread

I am not sure why these are called Swedish. I have family in Sweden but I cannot claim to have anything to do with the naming. They are made from an old recipe I have from my mom. She still makes them at times when people are coming over. As you bite into it, you will find the middle surprisingly fudge-like, and it will be gone in two or three bites. Have another one? Sure why not!

Havregrynskager (Oatmeal Cookies, flourless)


This is a rustic Danish oatmeal cookie, one I used to make with my mother all the time. It’s always been her go-to cookie because it’s easy to make and full of warm flavors. It’s light, it’s crunchy and oh so satisfying. Contrary to many oatmeal cookies you find in the States, this Danish version does not contain any raisins or dried cranberries, but it is made with shredded coconut, and I make it with gluten free oats.



I am not attempting to translate the name of this cookie from Danish to English. The name wouldn’t come out right, and even in Denmark there have been questions as to how the cookie got its name.  It has something to do with fat and bread!  Anyhow… it is a delicious, traditional Christmas cookie in Denmark. In fact, it simply wouldn’t be Christmas at my parents’ house if my mom didn’t bake them. Year after year, it has been one of the four or five cookies we always request. But why only enjoy this special cookie once a year! It is delightful with coconut and sweet frosting.

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